Men’s Ministry


We are united to promote fellowship, unity, and Godliness among the young boys & men of the church, which includes bible lessons that teaches how to be consistent with the bible doctrine.

Women’s Ministry


Our women stand to promote fellowship, unity and Godliness among the women as well as the young ladies through teaching biblical doctrine design to help them live productive lifestyles.

Baptismal Ministry


Our Baptismal Ministry provides knowledge and understanding as it relates to baptism according to biblical doctrine (Matthew 28:19-20). 

The ministry assists new converts before and after baptism.  New Christian disciples will learn: 

-Who God is and how to let him be your leader
-The Fall (Lost and Found)
-Bible scriptures covering Baptism
-What God expects of a New Christian

Marriage Ministry


Our Marriage Ministry serves as an atmosphere where couples will learn how to enjoy a model marriage as God has designed and teaches how to be consistent with the bible doctrine.

Singles Ministry


This Ministry creates an atmosphere where singles can learn how to live a productive Christian single life as outlined in the bible as well as how to be consistent with bible doctrine. We promote unity and fellowship among all singles of the church.



Join us and become a divine source to our wonderful ministries! 
Youth Ministry


We empower our youth and offer an atmosphere for youth & teenagers to come to know God for themselves through fellowship and with our leadership in their spiritual growth.

Our youth ministry teaches:
-Who our God is
-How to walk with God
-How to relate to each other
-How to share their faith

Our teen ministry teaches:

-Educates students about College preparation

       -(i.e. selecting a college, financial assistance, SAT prep, etc.)
- Job preparation

       -(i.e. techniques on how to interview, how to complete a job
            application & how to dress for success)

We also help our children to enjoy their free time by sponsoring activities and outings such as, movie night, talent shows, sport events, musical events, amusement/themes parks, etc. 

Music Ministry


Our music ministry creates an atmosphere for praise and worship through songs that are consistent with bible doctrine.

Usher/Greeter Ministry


We create and maintain an atmosphere of hospitality, which welcomes and prepares individuals for worship services.